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Frequently Asked Questions


Certainly not, and the explanation is very simple. For a material to scratch one another it is necessary that its hardness is higher than the hardness of other material, and also that both materials come into contact with a minimal required pressure. The sponge of the eyeglass cleaner VEPLUS cannot scratch neither the material of a lens (whether it is mineral or organic) nor its eventual coatings (anti-reflective, smudge-resistant or scratch-resistant) simply because the sponge is softer than any one of them. Furthermore, the sponge contacts the lens surface in a humid state and virtually without applying any pressure on the lens.

For these reasons it can be said with certainty that, concerning with the capability to scratch a lens coating when cleaning spectacles or eyeglasses, the sponge applicator of the lens cleaner VEPLUS does not make any difference with respect of the use of a conventional eyeglass cleaner in spray.

The safety of use of the VEPLUS sponge applicator is also confirmed by the millions of units supplied to professional opticians for more than 30 years since its launching in 1989.

If after cleaning a pair of glasses with a cleaning solution, whether it is VEPLUS LENS CLEANER or any other lens cleaning solution in spray, the lenses got scratched, the most probable cause would be something as common as having wiped dry the lenses with a cloth that had fine dirt particles caught in it. Otherwise, the abrasive particles could be already on the lenses prior to the cleaning. In both cases, the scratching of the lens would have occurred at the time of wiping dry the lens; which is the time when the cleaning cloth gets firmly pressed against the lens.

For this reason, to prevent scratching lenses when wiping dry, it is necessary first to remove any particle of abrasive dust that the lenses could have on their surface prior to the cleaning. Afterwards the application on the lenses of any spectacle cleaner or even water, dry them either with a soft and disposable tissue or a clean cloth (free from abrasive particles).

The reason is that the sponge of VEPLUS is made of a material that has some light sensibility. This yellowish colour do not alter the physical properties of the sponge , therefore the effectiveness of VEPLUS LENS CLEANER or VEPLUS ANTI-FOG is not affected.

Surely not, because the continual flow of liquid through the sponge produces a real self-cleaning of the sponge and keeps it in a perfect condition for further use.

VEPLUS LENS CLEANER is suitable to safely clean:
– Glasses and sunglasses with multicoated lenses.
– Camera lenses.
– Smartphone and tablet screens.
– Binocular and telescope lenses.
– Swim and ski and snowboard goggles.

*Important: Do not clean your contact lenses with VEPLUS LENS CLEANER.

This probably happens because once we have applied the liquid we wait too long before wiping dry the lens. For this reason, we recommend to clean first one lens (both sides) and after that to clean the other lens.

In addition, certain smudges can remain on the lens after cleaning it because we have dried the liquid with a microfiber cloth that was not well cleaned as it had dirt or grease accumulated from previous cleanings.

For this reason, we recommend:
– To use a disposable and soft tissue to dry the lenses.
– To clean your microfiber cloths regularly in the washing machine, but without adding fabric softener.

VEPLUS LENS CLEANER removes make-up smudges as well as other grease stains or fingerprints that the lenses may have.

If the VEPLUS sponge become slightly dirty after cleaning big smudges, you can easily clean the sponge by placing it under running tap water.

The lenses of the glasses get dirty because of many reasons: not keeping them in hygienic places; touching them with the fingers; grease that comes out from our face skin; etc.

You should clean your glasses as frequently as they get dirty and you feel any annoyance about it.

Anyway, we recommend to clean the glasses when getting up in the morning as part of the daily routine.

VEPLUS LENS CLEANER do not have anti-fog properties as it is formulated to achieve an effective, easy and fast cleaning and these properties are incompatible with the anti-fog effect.

When a really effective anti-fog solution is applied to a lens it necessarily leaves a residual film on the lens. At the same time that this film may provide the anti-fog properties to the lens, cleaning takes substantially longer time due to the oily character of these products and, as a consequence, after using these products, lenses will not become crystal clear due to this oily film over their surface.

As some properties of a lens cleaner are opposite to each other and therefore they may not be held at the same time, one should choose the properties that an eyeglass cleaner solution should have according to the product’s purpose. VEPLUS LENS CLEANER is formulated to solve the permanent and common problem of every eyeglasses user: the smudges and fingerprints on the lenses, which are specially annoying with anti-reflective coatings.

On the contrary, VEPLUS ANTI-FOG is a product specifically formulated to prevent lenses from fogging up, but just to the point that the achievement of this effect does not impair vision due to lack of transparency.

The composition of VEPLUS LENS CLEANER has a small alcohol content (lower to 5%) which, at the same time it is inoffensive to lens materials and its coatings, it is necessary for effectively dissolving grease stains.

The new VEPLUS ANTI-FOG, launched in December 2021, is effective for all kind of eyeglasses, including with AR coated lenses and other low-energy surface lenses. These kind of lenses are very hydrophobic and this feature prevents other anti-fog products to spread over their surface, what is essential to achieve the anti-fog effect.

You can also use VEPLUS ANTI-FOG on sunglasses, mirrows, and protective screens.

The lenses of the glasses should be dried in due form so the product’s film is well created and left over the lenses. Otherwise, the antifogging effect would be reduced.

To facilitate the creation of an antifogging film over the lens, you should wait from 15 to 20 seconds after applying the fluid all over the lenses with the aid of the sponge applicator and then dry it very gently with almost any pressure of the tissue or cloth against the lens. Otherwise you would impair the creation of the product’s film that necessarily must be left over the lens to achieve the antifogging effect.

In case the anti-fog effect is not good enough you can try to improve it by leaving the fluid to dry by itself over the lens. After that you can improve the final appearance of the product’s film wiping it very gently with a dry cloth, or tissue.

To prevent glasses from fogging up when wearing a mask, you only need to apply the product to the inner side of the lenses. The reason is that just the inner side of the lenses receives the breath that produces fog.

You should consider that an anti-fog product is different from a lens cleaner, and therefore it’s normal that after applying an anti-fog product the appearance of the lenses is not so good as with a lens cleaner.

After applying VEPLUS ANTI-FOG, waiting 15-20 seconds and drying it, it is not necessary to wait any time as the product would have already created over the lens a film with antifog properties, which prevents glasses from fogging up.

The film created by VEPLUS ANTI-FOG over the lens do not evaporate and nor is altered by the air. Therefore it does not have a fixed duration and its antifogging effect will last as long as the film is not cleaned or removed from the lens.

In case we later rub the lens with a cloth to remove any fingerprint or smudge it may have, this will drag part of the product’s film with the cloth and then its antifogging effect will be reduced or even will disappear if we use a liquid lens cleaner.

In this case the lens cleaner fluid will remove from the lens not only the smudge but also the antifogging film. Thus, we will need to apply again VEPLUS ANTI-FOG if we want to stop our glasses from fogging up.

If you want to remove the anti-fog film created by VEPLUS ANTI-FOG, you can easily do it with water.

You can also eliminate the anti-fog film using VEPLUS LENS CLEANER, which will also remove any other smudges or fingerprints, leaving your lenses crystal clear.


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