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History of the Company ARTEBEL, S.L. and the Lens Cleaner VEPLUS

ARTEBEL was founded in 1985 with the objective of specializing and developing an effective lens cleaner product for eyeglasses or spectacles. The first years were dedicated to the research and development of an efficient formulation and a container for the product.

1989 VEPLUS bottle - Eyeglass cleaner, Spectacle cleaner solution
1989 Bottle

In 1989 ARTEBEL began the commercialization of the lens cleaner VEPLUS, an innovative product whose first design already incorporated a unique sponge applicator in the market.

The VEPLUS eyeglass cleaner presentation at the optical shop has been done since its launching in an original anti-theft methacrylate display stand.

In the 6th Edition of the Spanish Packaging Awards E+E’92, included inside the National Plan for the Promotion of Industrial Design, VEPLUS eyeglass cleaner was awarded with the 1st prize to the Best Container Design of its product sector.

ARTEBEL’s commitment with design and innovation has led to a continual improvement of the VEPLUS eyeglass cleaner, underlining in this evolution the following significant events:

In 1995 the VEPLUS mark was redesigned and the manufacture of a new sponge applicator model began, adding new benefits to the initial design.

1995 VEPLUS Brand - Eyeglass cleaner, Spectacle cleaner solution1995 Brand redesign

1995 VEPLUS bottle - Eyeglass cleaner, Spectacle cleaner solution

1995 Applicator and bottle

1995 VEPLUS display stand - Eyeglass cleaner, Spectacle cleaner solution1995 Display stand

This new sponge applicator was granted with the Patent of Invention in the mayor optical markets, including countries such as the United States or Japan.

In 1995 ARTEBEL started to export its eyeglass cleaner exhibiting in the most important international optical fairs: SILMO in Paris, MIDO in Milano, IOFT in Tokyo, HK OPTICAL in Hong Kong and VISION EXPO in New York, besides EXPO-OPTICA in Madrid.

In the Second National Competition of Packaging Leaders, Liderpack 1997, organized by Fira of Barcelona, the new design of VEPLUS spectacle cleaner was awarded with a First Prize for its Dosification System with Sponge.

Since October 1997 ARTEBEL is present on the Internet, offering on its website, www.artebel.com, a structured and comprehensive information of its VEPLUS product for cleaning spectacles or eyeglasses.

1997 VEPLUS display stand - Eyeglass cleaner, Spectacle cleaner solution
1997 Display stand

In late 1997 ARTEBEL developed a new anti-theft display stand, smaller than the previous one and manufactured in one methacrylate piece. Its new decoration was more striking on the optical shop counter and it enhanced the exclusiveness of the VEPLUS lens cleaning system.

On February 1998 a thorough work of investigation concluded, which resulted in a new formulation for the VEPLUS eyeglass cleaner solution that achieves a surprising result on organic lenses with anti-reflective coatings.

This formulation has been improved throughout the years.

On June 2009 and coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the launching of VEPLUS lens cleaner in the Spanish optical market, ARTEBEL updated the graphic design of VEPLUS. This project has improved the image of the brand as well as the image of both the bottle and its anti-theft display stand.

2009 VEPLUS Brand - Eyeglass cleaner, Spectacle cleaner solution
2009 Brand redesign

2009 VEPLUS bottle - Eyeglass cleaner, Spectacle cleaner solution
2009 Bottle

2009 VEPLUS display stand - Eyeglass cleaner, Spectacle cleaner solution
2009 Display stand

Throughout the years ARTEBEL has supplemented the VEPLUS eyeglass cleaner exhibition at international optical fairs with the participation in trade missions to countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, USA, Russia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore or South Africa. As a result of these activities, ARTEBEL has achieved customers of VEPLUS lens cleaner in 47 countries.

The distribution of the VEPLUS lens cleaner in optical shops has been favoured with advertisements in professional optical magazines, and also with advertisements in general magazines, aimed to the consumer.

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