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VEPLUS Advantages

Efective and Durable Cleaning

The lens cleaner VEPLUS is the most efficient way to clean all glasses due to a non oily and well balanced formulation that has a low alcohol content. VEPLUS formulation has been improved throughout the years since its launching more than 25 years ago, thus adapting it to the new materials and coatings of lenses.

Easy to Use

Viñeta 1ª VEPLUS - Limpia lentes, Limpiagafas, Limpia anteojos
2 or 3 times, the bottle
in upright position.

Viñeta 2 VEPLUS - Limpia lentes, Limpiagafas, Limpia anteojos
to both sides
of lenses.

Viñeta 3ª VEPLUS - Limpia lentes, Limpiagafas, Limpia anteojos
WIPE DRY at once with
a soft disposable cloth
until clear.

As we do when using any spray product, the VEPLUS bottle should be in upright position when pressing down its sponge applicator.

Unique and Exclusive Design

The lens cleaner VEPLUS is very handy due to the ergonomic design of its sponge applicator.

The VEPLUS sponge applicator has been granted with a Patent of Invention in the mayor optical markets, including countries such as the United States or Japan.

Efficient System

The VEPLUS sponge applicator is easy to use and do not waste any fluid when cleaning because it avoids the fluid splashes produced by spray products. The VEPLUS system includes a metering pump and a movile applicator with an sponge on top.

The VEPLUS sponge applicator was awarded with a First Prize for its Dosification System with Sponge in the Second National Competition of Packaging Leaders, Liderpack 1997, organized by Fira of Barcelona.

Satisfaction of the User

The more than 25 years that VEPLUS is in the market are a quality guarantee for the more overcritical user when cleaning glasses.


VEPLUS allows you a safe cleaning of all delicate optics:
Glasses-31-VEPLUS-Lens_cleaner-Cleaning_lenses-Glasses cleaner-Eyeglass_cleaner

VEPLUS quickly achieves a no-trace transparency, and is totally reliable for the maintenance of the most delicate lens coatings (anti-reflective, smudge-resistant or scratch-resistant).

Camera lens-2-VEPLUS-Lens_cleaner-Cleaning_lenses-Glasses cleaner-Eyeglass_cleaner

The lens cleaner VEPLUS allows an easy cleaning of photo or video camera lenses. VEPLUS is really safe for cleaning these lenses as it avoids the cleaning solution to go inside the camera.

Laptop-0-VEPLUS-Lens_cleaner-Cleaning_lenses-Glasses cleaner-Eyeglass_cleaner

The lens cleaner VEPLUS is suitable as well for cleaning smartphone and tablet screens since it quickly removes the grease film which does not finish to come off when rubbing with a microfiber cloth.

Laptop-2-VEPLUS-Lens_cleaner-Cleaning_lenses-Glasses cleaner-Eyeglass_cleaner

VEPLUS allows you to clean not only your laptop screen but also its keyboard. For doing it you should get a low fluid impregnation of the sponge to prevent the fluid penetrates between the keys.

Advantages of the VEPLUS sponge applicator

The VEPLUS sponge applicator allows you to clean glasses and touchscreens in an easy way that avoids drips and fluid splashes.

The head of the applicator displaces when pressed down and moistens the upper sponge, allowing you to regulate the fluid impregnation of the sponge.

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