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Effective lens cleaner for spectacles or eyeglasses and camera lenses

The sponge applicator of the VEPLUS lens cleaner avoids fluid splashes and makes easier cleaning lenses of spectacles and photo or video cameras as well.

VEPLUS eyeglass cleaner solution is a safe product for cleaning delicate multicoated lenses. The more than 20 years that the glasses cleaner VEPLUS has been in the market is a guarantee of satisfaction for demanding users when cleaning lenses.

VEPLUS eyeglass cleaner is very handy and lasts for long since do not waste any fluid when cleaning glassesor spectacles.
Due to its small size you can carry VEPLUS eyeglass cleaner in any pocket.

The lens cleaner VEPLUS is very effective when cleaning optics like photo or video cameras. VEPLUS is really safe for this cleaning as you can regulate the fluid impregnation of its sponge, thus avoiding the cleaning solution to go inside the camera and to damage it.

The lens cleaner VEPLUS is suitable as well for cleaning smartphone and tablet screens since it removes the thin oily film which does not finish to come off when using a microfiber cloth.